Grand Rapids Michigan Powder Coating

We are a line and batch powder coat facility in Grand Rapids in West Michigan. Our powder coat line does projects ranging from medical cabinets, to car parts, to high-end accessory displays. Along with high volume production, our facility boasts a large capacity batch area where oversized parts can be pretreated, coated, cured, and packaged. Our goal is to produce the highest quality finish possible while keeping our prices competitive.

How We Got Started

In 1986 PMF was a struggling powder coat facility on the in southeastern side of Kent County. That year Grand Rapids businessman, A.D. Buist, purchased it. Buist saw potential in relocating PMF to the northwest side of Grand Rapids and moved the operation to 11th Street. In 1996 PMF opened a second location on Turner Ave. Buistโ€™s daughter, Betsy Boss, took over as President and owner in 1998. Betsy consolidated the two locations to the Turner Ave. building where Betsy, her husband Mark, her daughter Tricia, and 12-18 full time employees have been operating PMF ever since.

We Can Handle It

Our moving powder line can accommodate a wide variety of parts: small widgets to parts up to 120โ€ x 60โ€ and everything in between. Our batch area can process items up to 24โ€™ long, 9.5โ€™ wide, and 8.5โ€™ high. Our expert hangers work with a variety of hooks and racks to find the most efficient hanging method for any part.

If you have more questions regarding who we are or what we do, please feel free to Contact Us. We would love to hear from you!