How We Do It

Powder Coating

A method of metal finishing that uses electrical charges and the curative properties of powder to bake the finish on to raw metal.

1. Inspect, Pack, Ship

Everything is then inspected, packaged, and prepared for shipping.

2. Bake to Cure

The parts enter the oven to bake. The baking system cures the powder into an even coating.

3. Powder Coat

Next, parts move through our powder booth. The parts, which are negatively charged post-wash and dry, are coated with powder that is positively charged, creating and ionic bond.

4. Heat to Dry

After the wash, parts proceed through a dry-off oven where they are dried and heated to prepare the metal for coating.

5. 5-Stage Wash

The parts proceed to our 5-stage wash where they are cleaned, acid etched, and rinsed.

6. Hang Parts

Our line method starts by hanging the raw parts on to our moving system.

* Our batch method is identical to our line method, only executed on a greater scale. Since the parts are too large to fit on the line, everything must be hung, washed, moved, and sprayed on a piece-by-piece basis.


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