Itโ€™s not always what you know, but who you know that matters. By building relationships with a large spectrum of powder vendors we are confident that we can find a product that will perfectly suit the unique demands of each job.

Standard Colors

Standard colors are colors PMF runs several times a week. If you arenโ€™t picky about a specific shade, choosing one of our standard colors is cost effective and time efficient.

Sky White

Satin Black

RAL 7040 - Window Grey

Wet Yellow

Black Wrinkle (Texture)

Metallic Silver (Interior)

Stock RAL Colors

RAL colors are to powder coating what Pantone colors are to wet coating. RAL was developed by German organization in the 1920s as a color matching and standards system. Originally there were 40 RAL colors, but the collection now spans over 150 shades. Most RAL colors are manufactured in a finish that is durable for both interior and exterior applications.

Below is a swatch of RAL powders we frequently spray. This is a small sample of the 50+ RAL colors we have in inventory. If there is a RAL color your project requires that we do not have in stock, we can easily get it for you.

RAL 1001 - Beige

RAL 1023 - Traffic Yellow

RAL 2001 - Red Orange

RAL 2009 - Traffic Orange

RAL 3011 - Brown Red

RAL 3020 - Traffic Red

RAL 4010 - Telemagenta

RAL 5002 - Ultramarine Blue

RAL 5005 - Signal Blue

RAL 5015 - Sky Blue

RAL 5019 - Capri Blue

RAL 6018 - Yellow Green

RAL 6005 - Moss Green

RAL 6028 - Pine Green

RAL 7009 - Green Grey

RAL 7005 - Mouse Grey

RAL 7035 - Light Grey

RAL 8014 - Sepia Brown

Other Products

In addition to RALs we carry a lot of specialized powders such as metallic colors, textured powders, varying gloss levels, FDA colors, and furniture grade finishes. Stop in during business hours to view our color board and vendor charts.