Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

What are your specs for your line/batch?

Our line can hold pieces up to 120โ€ x 60โ€. Our batch can accommodate parts up to 24โ€™ long x 9.5โ€™ wide x 8.5โ€™ high.

What is your turn-around time?

We do our best to have a seven business days or less turn-around time.

What is necessary in order to powder coat?

We do not do any coating removal in our facility. We ask that parts come to us raw and void of corrosive materials like rust. Also, our line system requires hanging parts. There must be holes on the part in which we can insert hooks to hang it. Some items in our batch system may require hanging as well.

Is there a warranty on your finish?

We warranty the quality of our process. If there is a problem with the finish due to our error, we will correct it. However, we cannot guarantee that the finish will be void of deterioration if mishandled once it has left our facility. Powder coat is not impenetrable.

What colors are available?

Too many to list! We have a variety of colors, finishes, textures, and gloss levels available in stock. We also work with a number of different powder vendors. We can get most of their stock products delivered in 2-5 business days.
If you need a custom color, we can help you find a match. Custom colors are to be purchased by you, for use at PMF. Lead-time for custom color production and delivery is 14-18 business days.

Do you do custom jobs?

Yes we do, but our focus is our high volume production. We fit custom jobs in when we can, which means the turn around time may vary depending on our schedule.

How much does ___________ cost to powder coat?

Each piece is priced separately depending on color, quantity, and material. Custom jobs are a minimum of a $75.00 set up fee. The price increases based on size and color.

Can you powder coat over a surface that has been wet coated?

We will not. Powder coating over something that has been wet coated produces a sub-standard finish. And we arenโ€™t in the business of producing sub-standard results.